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Crystal Therapy Pet Tags:- 

There are 2 dog charms (bone and I love my dog) and 2 cat charms (fish bones and I love my cat). The smaller ones are ideal for cats and small dogs, the larger one is great for medium to large dogs. The little paw print charms can be either way round - paw or I love my....(cat or dog). And they can be customised with glitters or colours etc.

Pets respond really well to crystal therapy. And I have been asked several times about recommending crystals for pets. So this is my solution.

These are some of the crystals I have and what they are good for (plus I can always research other ailments and find different crystals):-

Rose Quartz - Aggression, Calming, Abused Animals, Grief, Fear, Muscle Issues, Respiratory Issues, Stress 
Carnelian - symptoms of aging, allergies, arthritis, cancer (symptoms of), depression, help with training
Jade - abused animals, aggression, calming, eye problems, skin problems
Fluorite - allergies, arthritis, bones/teeth problems, cancer (symptoms), training issues
Jasper - allergies, cancer (symptoms), pain, 
Sodalite - bonding issues, calming, endurance, agility, stress, training issues
Howlite - calming
Amethyst - grief, excessive barking, ear problems, fear, fleas, separation anxiety, training problems
Lapis Lazuli - depression, pain, respiratory issues
Citrine - depression, detox, diabetes, intestinal problems, stress, training issues
Snowflake Obsidian - detox, muscle problems
Tigers eye - endurance, agility, grounding, protection, travelling
Laboradorite - intestinal problems
Clear Quartz - low immunity, pain

Don't forget these aren't to be used instead of vet care but to enhance and compliment the treatments.


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