Distance Dolphins of Atlantis Auric Energy Therapy Session x 1

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Dolphins of Atlantis Auric Energy Therapy Session x 1 - 

The Dolphins of Atlantis healed the Atlanteans when they swum with them in the sea via their auric fields. With this therapy system, I am tapping into the auric fields of the dolphins of Atlantis to allow me to send that energy onto you, helping to clear blockages and negativity within your auric field and chakra points.  Therapy sessions like this are to relax your mind and body, to allow natural healing to be able to happen. I am in no way guaranteeing that you will be healed, and these treatments should be used alongside conventional medicine. 

The benefits of energy therapy – all energy therapy, be it Reiki, Reikara or any of the other therapies that I provide from Nikki’s Mystic Corner has benefits on the mind, body and soul.  The biggest benefit comes from stress reduction and relaxation.  When your body is stress free and relaxed it allows the body’s own natural abilities to come into play to improve your well-being.

Energy therapy works on physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels.  It may provide the following (although there is no guarantee):-

·        Aids sleep

·        Enables the body to relax and release stress and tension

·        Can support the immune system

·        Clears the emotions

·        Can accelerate the body’s own healing processes

·        Reduce blood pressure issues

·        Possibly reduces and relieves pain

·        Removes blockages within the energy fields

·        Balancing the emotions

This is why any energy therapy is an effective complimentary therapy to the standard health care an individual receives.

You will get a 20 - 30 minute distance therapy session, carried out by myself using the surrogate method (my reiki bear called Rei).  It is always recommended to have more than one treatment so I am offering discounted therapy session packages for just this reason.

For all my therapy sessions, I always set up an intuitively chosen crystal grid, which I can email you a picture of if you wish, can be especially helpful with meditation. Please put this in the comments when booking. As per my terms and conditions you have 14 days to cancel your appointment. 

This type of energy therapy can also be used on your pets. 

I will provide you with further instructions when you have booked your session. Please be aware if you wish to have your appointment before the 14 day cooling off period, then you will be forfeiting your right to cancel. 

I am full trained and insured in this energy therapy modality.