Crystal Chakra Set


These are gorgeous resin, crystal and glitter, crystal and colour therapy chakra sets. Perfect size for grid work as well. Each piece is approx 2.5 cms across. Will also be Reiki blessed before sending. These are made to order. We do not hold them in stock. So extra time will be needed to get them right for you.

Each set contains all 7 colours.

Red = Root Chakra = Red Coral
Orange = Sacral Chakra = Orange Aventurine
Yellow = Solar Plexus Chakra = Citrine
Green = Heart Chakra = Green Aventurine
Blue = Throat Chakra = Sodalite
Indigo = Brow Chakra = Blue Goldstone
Violet = Crown Chakra = Amethyst

Made By Nikki x

These can be custom made if you would like different crystals included for each chakra.

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