Chakra Balancing And Cord Cutting Online Distance Learning Course Plus Crystals

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This is one of the services I love doing the most. Chakra balancing and cord cutting. I feel that more people could benefit from learning how to do this for themselves. When the chakras are blocked or out of balance, it can affect the body in all sorts of ways from physical to mental and emotional. This course will give you the tools to balance the chakras and hints etc to keep them balanced naturally. There will be homework to complete before your certificate is sent to you

Included in the price:-

A course booklet

An intuitively chosen pendulum and chakra crystal set (postage is included in the price)
Digital copies of my A4 chakra notes, chakra healing cards and a pendulum chart
Lifetime support via email and facebook group (Single group to include all levels of learning)
Certificate of Achievement. (for each part once homework has been handed in)

This course is certified, check with your own insurers if you wish to incorporate into your working practises. 

Please read my terms and conditions before purchasing this item. As required by law there is a 14 day cooling off period and the shipping time reflects this, if you require it to be sent to you before the 14 days are up then you will be forfeiting your right to cancel.