Brecciated Jasper Skull


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This skull is fairly evenly striped, and he or she is exquisitely carved from brecciated jasper. He/she measures 3 cm and weighs just 20 grams. Are you their new guardian?

Brecciated Jasper can also be spelt Brecceated Jasper or Bracciated Jasper . It is a form of Jasper that contains Haematite. Haematite is a very grounding stone, which makes Brecciated Jasper an excellent crystal for helping you to keep your feet on the ground and for promoting feelings of tranquillity and wholeness.

Brecciated Jasper has an uplifting, rejuvenating energy that is said to encourage mental clarity, mental focus and feelings of deep happiness. It is also believed to absorb negative energy allowing you to develop a positive outlook on life.

In addition Brecciated Jasper is said to encourage empathy and communication with animals and could be of benefit to those who practice animal Reiki healing.

Is this gorgeous little skullie coming to your home?

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