Animal Spirit Guide Reading

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This reading is to help you to connect with your animal spirit guides. 

Everyone has 9 totem animals that are here to help you with this lifetime. You can then have power animals that are always with your soul. And spirit guides that come in and out of your life as and when you need a property that they can give or teach you.

I connect with my own spirit guides and ask them to show me your animal guides. To do this, I meditate on them for several days until all of your totem animals are revealed and at least one power animal and spirit guide, if not more.

This is a very intensive reading for me to do, as it takes several days, hence the energy exchange being higher than my other readings.

Once I have met all of your animal guides, I will send you a full report with the meanings for each of the animals that have stepped forward for you to keep and help you in the future. The report will be emailed to you, please allow 7 - 10 working days for delivery.

As a little extra something, if you have purchased a full animal spirit reading from me, at any point in the future you can ask me to see if your animal spirit guides have changed at all (the ones that come and go) and will connect and find out for free.

So this listing is for one full animal spirit reading and mini readings in the future to check your animal spirit guides.