Angel Feather Pendant


Part of my 'Wishes and Blessings' Collection. Comprising of 9 gorgeous faerie wish and angel feather greetings cards, and two absolutely stunning memory locket pendants.

Angels leave white feathers as a message or sign that they are with you.

This pendant came about because of a failed experiment of mine. I was trying to set feathers into resin pendants to be angel blessing pendants. I could not get it to work, no matter what I tried the feathers never showed up in the resin. I had to find another way. Then one day I came across these living memory lockets. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to make my feather and faerie wish pendants with them. And here it is.

Each 30 mm crystal edged memory locket pendant contains an 'angel' feather, angel wings charm, a believe backplate and a birthstone crystal (simulated). Also includes a gift box and a 20 inch metal alloy snake chain.

Birthstone options in variations.

Can be customised - just send me a message.

Why not give a loved one their own 'angel' feather message. 

(Pictured - amethyst round crystal and topaz heart crystal).

Treat as costume jewellery.

Can also be personalised with a name on the backplate rather than the word believe. These have to be ordered in specially, so will take longer to process. (See other listing for this option).

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