For those of you that don’t know what orgone is, here is my understanding of it.


In the 30’s and 40’s a Dr. Wilhelm Reich found he was able to detect and measure etheric energy (life force/chi) using a modified Geiger counter.  He called this energy Orgone.  He found that by mixing resin with layers of metal he was able to change negative etheric energy (DOR) into positive etheric energy (POR) and so enhancing the areas around the piece.  At the time it was considered to only be orgone if it was a 50/50 mix resin to metal.


Since then several studies have found that this phenomenon does actually work and exist.  More people have done their own research into orgone and have come up with new and interesting ways of enhancing the use of it.  Including the adding of crystals, natural elements, essential oils, flowers etc.


OrgonMysts pieces are our take on orgone.  Each piece will come with a copper wrapped double terminated quartz crystal to help the transfer of the negative into the positive, but also to amplify the energies within the piece.  They will be made out of clear resin with colours, pigments and glitters which will help with colour therapies and chakra work, and every day wellbeing.  The metals contained are sourced from reputable companies and can be gold, silver, aluminium, copper, steel, brass or stainless steel.  Every piece will also have black obsidian or black tourmaline to help with grounding issues, and more quartz crystals.  The other crystals will be chosen to either work with a particular problem or chakra.  Then enhancements will be made with the use of charms etc.  Each piece is then sanded and polished to make them as stunning as can be.


A lot of love, care and intention is put into each piece, which we as a team create.  And each piece will be reiki blessed before being sent out to you. (Or as I also work with Reikara energy, archangels, angels, ascended masters, animals guides and unicorns – they can be blessed with whichever energy you feel is suitable at the time.)


They may seem expensive, but if you saw how much time and energy goes into each piece you would get an idea of just what you are getting.  We also do some more inexpensive pieces – we call them pocket orgone, and we make some resin/metal/crystal pieces that wouldn’t traditionally be classed as orgone, but they still pack a punch as they enhance the power of the crystals mixed within.


OrgonMyst also take on commission work, having made custom designed pieces for birthdays, memorials and company memorabilia.  

If you see something you like, but isn't 'quite' right for you, then message us and we can arrange a custom piece to fit your requirements.

Nikki, Chris and Gary (OrgonMyst)