My Readings


I started reading cards when I was 17 years old.  I had lots of tarot decks, but didn’t really ‘click’ with them.  On my 17th birthday, my mum bought me, my Chinese Mah Jongg cards.  I fell in love with them straight away.  The imagery, the meanings and the layout – it all just fell into place.

I then spent lots of years just doing readings for fun and by that I mean just for my friends and family, sometimes strangers but not very often at all.  Even though I had great feedback, and people always wanted me to read for them, I was not confident enough to promote myself as a reader at all.

Many psychics that I visited kept telling me to talk to spirit, to do this as a service to others, to read for others, I just did not have the confidence.  I blocked my own connection with spirit as I was afraid of what I could do.

Then in 2012, I had my 5th child.  I spent a year on maternity leave with him, and when it came time to going back to my normal job, I couldn’t.  Finding childcare for 4 children (my eldest was now working herself so could no longer help), I had no choice but to make the decision to give up my job.

And then the worry set in – how were we going to cope financially?  What could I do to help with the family finances?  What could I do from home that would help?  And that is when Nikki’s Mystic Corner was born on facebook, a little page just showcasing my readings.  I did not realise where it would lead.  I was brave and decided that it was about time people knew about this side of me, and that I deserved a fair energy exchange for doing so.

Now, I offer several different card readings, although all the layouts on offer can be changed to suit the client.  For example, if you wish to just have a 3 card reading and ask about a particular situation, then so be it.  When I do a card reading, I also connect with my spirit guides, and bring you their messages and my own intuitive thoughts.  I do connect with spirit regularly for myself, but still find it difficult to just switch it on for others, hence why I don’t provide this as a separate service.  If messages come through when I am reading the cards, then they get passed on.

I also became trained as a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Realm Reader, which was enlightening and another type of reading that I enjoy.  We are all Earth Angels, and knowing which type of earth angel can answer many questions about our personalities, relationships and even career paths.

My favourite readings to do however are the Animal Spirit Readings.  I am a great believer in us being helped and assisted by animal totems.  Noticing what animals (bird, fish and insects too) are around us, if they keep showing up then there is a message there somewhere.  We all have several animal spirit guides, the 9 totem animals that are with us during this lifetime, our power animals that are with our soul forever, and then spirit guides that pop in and out of our lives as we need their strengths and guidance.



Nikki xx