Crystal Energy


I am a great believer in using crystals to aid different aspects of my life.  For example, when I am studying, I have large fluorite crystals that I have near me.  When I need confidence to talk, I use sodalite or lapis (in my bra – don’t laugh – perfectly safe and secure, on my body and no-one knows)!  If I am feeling quite airy fairy (non-grounded), I wear obsidian or shungite.  I feel the benefits, and that is due to each crystal's unique vibrations..


There has been much scientific research, with some saying that crystal healing is a pseudoscience and not real.  And this is perfectly fine, not everyone can feel the energies from crystals.  But when you hold a crystal in your hand and can feel it vibrating or warming up, then to me, there must be something in that crystal that can be utilised in some way.


Crystals, rocks and minerals have taken thousands, if not millions of years to be created within the Earth itself.  All the energy it has taken to make it, must give it some uses.  And we do – many many minerals have uses in everyday items, so if they are good enough to be used for those, then they are good enough to be used to raise our own vibrations.


Not only do I use them personally, I use them with my children and pets, plus they are in most of the items I make (spiritual jewellery and the orgone items).  I also provide a crystal consultation service, half an hour discussing what crystal may be of benefit to you.  (First half an hour is free, after that it is £25 per hour).


I am not saying that you should use crystals instead of conventional medicine.  I think they have a use alongside, to aid and complement, as an alternative therapy.